Customer Engagement in the Digital Age

There is no doubt that technology has touched almost every sphere of the hospitality industry. Businesses are striving to survive by integrating digital technology into their everyday business practices. But where does this leave the customer?

There may be a lot of talk within the industry that “brick and mortar” business models are dead. However, it seems clear that many customers still rate in-person customer service highly. The hospitality industry depends on human interactions in order to provide quality service and receive feedback regarding these services. When customers walk into a coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel they expect to be greeted warmly and given service by a human being rather than a machine. Understanding and appreciating customers on a human level is crucial in supplying an excellent level of service. Technology and personal connection, at first, may seem at odds. However, when combined correctly they can enhance productivity and ensure that customers’ needs are met.

James England, Senior Vice President of MarTech Series, believes that technology has not diminished or removed the need for in-person interactions. Instead, businesses should make use of technology solutions to streamline back-of-house processes, which means that they are able to spend more time interacting directly with customers. By taking advantage of the opportunities digital tools to automate smaller tasks you can free up time to deliver truly personal and personalised service to your customers.

How does TallOrder POS help you provide quality customer service?’s TallOrder Cloud Point of Sale software solution allows businesses to provide fast and efficient customer service. In hospitality timing is everything. Customers often become frustrated by long waiting periods, which may affect your business’s reputation and customer engagement. TallOrder’s easy ordering service lets waitrons input information quickly and efficiently, meaning that the order is off to the kitchen correctly in record time. The speed of TallOrder POS drives faster service, therefore giving you the opportunity to sell more, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and increased profits. believes that using technology to streamline business operations will equate to more productive employees and happier customers, which in turn, will allow you to more effectively market your restaurant via positive online reviews and word-of-mouth. With the right technology, providing your customers with quality service can be your top priority.

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